"A Police Officer's Prayer"   
Paul Richard Deguch (Corporal)
South Bend, Indiana Police Department
Paul Richard Deguch - South Bend Police Department

Corporal Deguch was a five year veteran of the force. Served for two years prior to that on St. Joseph County Police Department. Corporal Deguch leaves behind a wife and three children, ages 6yrs, 4yrs, and 2months. Slain on Sunday, August 24, 1997 at about 8:30 pm while on self initiated investigation of unknown nature. Suspect 16yr old gang member, arrested about 3 hours after the shooting. Heaven is rejoicing for another Angel was called home. We will miss you dearly Paul and your family has a special place in our hearts.

Corporal Tim Scott
South Bend Indiana Police Department
Patrolman D. Adams
Elkhart Police Department

God bless my family when I am away,
Leave the lights on I'll return from harms way,

Grant me courage and strength to protect others each day,
So they live in peace without worry, fear or dismay,

Bless those who have fallen given their life for another
May their spirit live on from then and forever,

Return me home to my family at the end of each night,
May I pass through the door before the morning's first light,

Shall I give my life for another before the dawn breaks today,
God bless my family when I am away.


D. Adams

Patrolman #332
Elkhart Police Department

Elkhart Police Department - Indiana

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