Hendersonville Police Department "A Policeman's Prayer  Hendersonville Police Department

I'm all dressed again to face a new day
I walk down the hall and stop on the way
I take one last look and straighten my tie
Inspecting myself as I'm passing by

Then at my front door I stop to prepare
With these words to God as I'm kneeling there
"Dear God, send your strength and wisdom my way
Protect me so I will live through this day

Please help me to not be so full of pride
I don't want to lose what I feel inside
Though I wear a badge and carry a gun
I'm really just here to help everyone

It's nice to see smiles on faces each day
But God, when I'm near the smiles go away
I want them to know when I drive around
I'm just only here protecting their ground

I like to have fun and sometimes I cry
I even get lonely and I don't know why
If given the chance I think they would see
There isn't a difference between them and me

I'll never abuse nor will I condemn
This job was MY CHOICE I do it for them
It's trust and respect that makes me succeed
But it MUST be earned before it's received

When I took that OATH my witness was you
Enforcing our laws as I promised to
So just for today please let people see
A person no different when they look at me

I give you my hand for guidance out there
As I pray to you "A POLICEMAN'S PRAYER"


Freda H. Babinski

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © July 18, 1995 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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