"America's Most Strongest"

Dedication to all Officers and Troopers in New York State

I’d like to say thank you for all that you do…..
I admire your courage, our children do too

I fear for these cops, I’m not kidding, I do
They look after my brothers…… they watch over you.

So who is expressing merit, and who is giving praise,
To these officers and troopers…… that suffer many days.

We cannot sense their sorrow, we cannot read their mind
And what about the children that they yet need to find?

Who wants to deal with torture, and rape cases
Cops gamble their lives with shoot outs and car chases

So who desires this job? And who the hell wants these hours
The gun, the badge, the police officer powers?

But oh, the crack house, the cartels and more
The junkies on the streets, just looking to score

Some meth, some coke, some pcp too,……..they don’t care about us, or the men in blue.

They will kill and they will murder with little remorse
Doesn’t matter if your married, single or divorced.

Doesn’t matter if you have kids, as they await for you at home
Misery loves company………..they will never be alone.

They are taking you with them, like it or not……
this is your job and here’s what you got

A lifeless human being with no sense of care
Yelling and screaming life is not fair

He pulls out his gun, and waves it in spite
Screaming “Life is not equal among the blacks and the whites”!

Your first reaction is too pull yours too
But there’s always someone out there quicker than you.

You are taught to be tough and trained to be bold
Your objective is noble and your heart is like gold!


Stephanie Ruocco

Hudson, NY

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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