"Christmas Pursuit"        

Radar set up, the streets are so slow
This Christmas Eve night, the town is aglow
Looking to catch one who's had too much booze
Carols low on the radio; I drift to a light snooze

The tone sounds loud and spurs me alert
As I snap up my head, in a quick little jerk
The radar reads sixty-eight, in a forty-five zone
Just might be my drunk, trying to make it home

He's past a curve, and out of my sight
Before my car's in gear, and I turn on my light
Speeding to catch him, snow on the ground
The roadway is icy, my heart starts to pound

Coming up on a curve, my prey he has slowed
As I close in on him, he's way overload
With bags and packages piled in the rear
My lights he can't see, my siren he can't hear

But I kill my siren, my lights go off too
The mike's in my hand, what can I do
How can I call in and say, "I'm in pursuit"
Of a man driving a sleigh, in a red and white suit"



Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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