"A Correction Officer's Prayer"

Massachusetts Department of Correction

Joe Ribeiro

This Poem is dedicated to Officer Joe Ribeiro and his Loving Family.
Officer Ribeiro passed into eternity In the Line of Duty on June 25, 1998

He will NOT be Forgotten  ~

The song playing is song by Garth Brooks and entitled "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Massachusetts Correction Officer's Federated Union

 Lord I ask for courage

Courage to face and
Conquer my own fears...

Courage to take me
Where others will not go...

I ask for strength
Strength of body to protect others
And strength of spirit to lead others...

I ask for dedication
Dedication to my job, to do it well
Dedication to my community
To keep it safe...

Give me Lord, concern
For others who trust me
And compassion for those who need me...

And please Lord
Through it all
Be at my side...

Author Unknown

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