"Could You Be That Brave?"  

"I hope you always remember ~ no matter which road you decide
to follow, what you do is important to those around  you
~ I wish I
could be as brave as you are, even if, it was just for one day.

How I sometimes wonder, how brave he must be,
He lays his life on the line to protect you and me.

I wish sometimes I could just understand,
Why people don’t reach out more, or lend a hand.

I could never imagine to face what he does everyday,
A child abused and crying to not be taken away.

A drug dealer on the streets again,
Knowing he sold drugs to his friend.

A drunk hits the side of another car while running a light,
The drunk was fine, but that family saw their last night.

There’s a shoot out, his partner and friend is down, after many years,
He just says, “You’ll be OK!” Knowing he sees the truth in his tears.

Then his day finally comes to an end,
And he goes home to family and friends.

How was your day, they always want to know,
He just always smiles, and says same ole, same ole.

He knows they really care and want to know,
But, it’s not a place many people could go.

He knows the job has to be done,
He fights the fight that must be won.

He takes pride in what he chose to do,
To serve and protect me and you.

So, next time you get mad or feel he earns his pay,
Ask yourself, “Could I be as brave as him for a day?”

Author Unknown

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © October 16, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

While the author is known to PolicePoems.com you may use
this poem so  long as the author is  listed as "Author Unknown"

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