Clinton County, Iowa "Deputy To Friend"


Clinton County Sheriff's Office

He looks so handsome, his uniform in green.
He goes to work, his façade to look mean.
A criminal's worst enemy, but my hero, my friend.
Coming to work to deal with zeros again.

9-1-1 dispatches through call after call.
I wonder just how does he handle it all?
Running faster then the perp, it's always a race.
It is so incredible to me how he keeps up this pace.

His shift should be nearing, quitting time due but
some junkie needed a fix...exactly what's new?
He never complains and he never gripes.
He often shares stories about bar room fights.

He wears his badge with honor and a smile of pride.
Deputy Dau is the man we all want on our side.


Kelle-Irene M. Carter

Dedicated To Eric M. Dau of Clinton County (Iowa) Sheriffs Office. Even after all you deal with and all you see, you still come home and have time to be my friend. You are awesome. Thanks a million and stay safe on those mean streets of electrical shocks!!

Used with Special Permission of said Author
Copyright © February 3, 2003 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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