"Dressed In Blue"  

To all the ones Dressed in Blue,
I wish to say "Thank you."

~ God Bless You ALL ~

Everyday, he gets ready and puts on his vest,
It protects him, so he can do his best.
He can ride the streets, and keep us safe,
And if he’s lucky, he will see another day.

He pulls someone over and they say “I pay you”,
Why not pay him more, to do what he must do?
Would you do the job for the pay he receives?
If you say no, then you may honestly see.

He does what he does because he cares,
No matter what, when we call he is there.
Whether it’s late at night, or at the crack of dawn,
He is the one there, when most would be gone.

A bar room fight, a dope deal going down,
He is on the way, from the other side of town.
A child abused and a mother badly beaten,
He’s on the way, didn’t even finish eating.

Holidays without family time come and go,
It’s not easy, but it’s the job he loves and knows.
The kids are all so grown,
Starting families of their own.

To protect and serve is what he vowed,
Things are so tough and he is always down.
He doesn’t let it stop him, because he cares,
And he always said if you need me, I am there.

One call came in and he responded with pride,
He had been there before and dealt with this type.
Unfortunately things didn’t go as he planned,
Guns were shot and a bullet hit this man.

Many came to see the man they knew,
The lines of people just grew and grew.
As they looked down, “It’s a Hero”  they would say,
But, did anyone tell him that before this dreadful day?

As he lay there, all Dressed in Blue,
Everyone hearing, what he meant to you.
Sadly, you cannot tell him anymore,
But, look around there are many more.

There are many people Dressed in Blue,
Like him, they do it for me and you.
So, why not let them know how much we care,
And how much we appreciate them being there.

Next time you see a man or woman Dressed in Blue,
Remember they were sent by God to protect me and you.

Author Unknown

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © September 2001 - All Rights Reserved

While the author is known to PolicePoems.com you may use
this poem so long as the author is listed as "Author Unknown"

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