"Fast Asleep"    

"The Heroes of Ground Zero
Killed at the World Trade Center

"Can't Cry Hard Enough" - A Tribute to the Victims

I should be in bed fast asleep,
But I am troubled by bad dreams.
Things I have seen during the day I could just weep,
I sometimes fill the nights with very loud screams.

The television shows scenes of a terrible time,
Aero planes filled with innocent passengers and crew.
Forced to die while witnessing this terrorist crime,
My sorrow and yes my anger with every second grew.

Over five thousand killed and or sadly missed,
Nothing can bring them back to life again.
Osama bin Laden the holy Koran kissed,
His ruthlessness wanted to cause nothing but death and pain.

The rescue workers that tried to save lives,
Were themselves killed when the W T C Towers capsized.
Ordinary Policemen and fire fighters with children and wives,
Who will commiserate and keep them safe for the rest of their lives?

The proud twin towers of the W T C.
Destroyed with the loss of family and friends.
Nothing but debris is left to see,
Is this the new world or terrorist trends?

It must never be allowed to happen again,
These terrorists must be hunted wherever they be.
Teach them a lesson by causing great fear and pain,
Let vengeance be carried out for the entire world to see.


Bernard Shaw


Poetry for all the family

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © September 21, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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