"God's First Police Officer"      

In darkness silence of the night,
when all appeared safe and secure.
What this officer had no way of knowing,
he was beginning his shift of last tour.

Should have been a routine traffic stop,
he requested them not to exit their car.
However they had nothing left to lose,
and the shots could be heard from afar.

Things then became so very personal,
as his lifeless body lay on the ground.
Then you heard the words that stand still,
start me a rescue unit, Officer down.

A mist of glow befell upon the scene,
the Archangel in spiritual radiance shone.
Watching over those in the uniform of blue,
they are his charges, children of the throne.

While you never took the time to meet him,
our heavenly Father knows them all by name.
Their honor, integrity, courage and pride.
though none ever sought any glorious fame.

On bended knee, his head bowed low,
through tears that had come and gone.
Michael gathered this Officer in his arms,
slowly begin the Ascension's journey on.

There at heaven's magnificent gate,
was God, waiting for this soul to embrace.
"Welcome home my son, my first Police Officer,
come now and walk with me in eminent grace".


Katherine Raborn

Sworn 911 communications officer
for Police, Fire, Rescue.
Certified Paramedic.

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © July 25, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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