"He's Always There"  

For the ones that are Always There
 ~ Thank YOU ~

A call on the phone is a crying abused woman,
He has to try to save her from this violent man.
Rushing to the home, wonders if she will be alright,
Pulling in the driveway, he sees her under the light.

The very next day, a drug dealer is at a school,
Trying to get there is hard, and he has to keep his cool.
Wonder who he’s selling to, if it’s one of his own,
He arrives to the school and the drug deal is blown.

A car has overturned, and people are trapped,
He’s on the way again, doesn’t need the map.
He pulls beside the car, there are fumes from the gas,
He gets them all out just a minute before the blast.

A car goes flying by, the siren comes on once more,
How he hated these, he had done them so much before.
A nasty attitude and a mean look is what he got,
How people so hated to be pulled over by the cop.

But, he’s always there, no matter what the time,
And though the pay is not good, he doesn’t mind.
He’ll save your children, and keep you safe and sound,
To serve and protect is what he has always vowed.

Author Unknown

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © October 8, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

While the author is known to PolicePoems.com you may use
this poem so long as the author is listed as "Author Unknown"

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