"I Am An Explorer"

Dedicated to:
Post Captain Jeffrey A. McPhereson

Because we help each other to become
the best future police officers we can be.

My parents say I can do better,
I don't think they understand,
When I take control and put others at ease,
I feel I am taking a stand,

I have no gun and I have no mace,
I must stay calm when danger stares me in the face,
I am an Explorer for what it's worth,
I wear the uniform and have respected officers since birth,

We are called wannabes but must hold our heads high,
Because in the end, we will be the ones in the patrol cars,
And we will wave as we pass by,
And every person who had any doubt will know,

We are putting our lives on the line for them and for you,
Yes we are wannabes and I will say it proudly,
I am an Explorer and I will never give up,
I will do what I can until I earn a real badge and a gun,

And until that day, when I walk by,
Don't insult me and tell me i am nothing,
Because in a few years when I am on my beat,
I will be a part of the few men who stand for something


David Jacquemain

Sheriffs Explorer
Macomb County Sheriff's Office ~ Explorers (MI)

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © July 7, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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