"If I Could Make The Perfect Cop"        

If I could make "The perfect cop" from you
"A Guardian Angel" dressed in blue,
You'd be a mixture of Heaven & Earth
While protecting your kingdom from undo hurt.

I would take the brightest stars from the heavenly skies
And place them tenderly in your eyes,
To help enhance your vision sharper
So you're aware of any unknown danger.

 I would take the radiance from the fullest moon
So that everyone would look up to you,
Respecting the valor from your polished badge
While blinded by the light of your brilliant courage.

 I would take the winter wind . . .So strong . . .Yet. . .so silent
To help you seize a criminal so violent.
Then capture the summer wind to dry your tears
. . . For you have seen what I greatly fear.

 I would take the powerful energy from the sun
And add it to the intense power of your gun.
Then gingerly sprinkle sunshine on your shirt of blue,
To do a job that I could never do.

 I would take a sturdy oak tree,
To add to the strength of your human body.
With roots so firm and a bark so strong,
To help you right whatever is wrong.

 I would take tranquility from a buoyant mountainside,
To calm the anger and fear all bottled up inside.
For you don't have time to ever feel nervous or scared
While protecting & preventing another life from being spared

 Yet, I would take the compelling force that hurricanes form
To add to your "Gut Instinct" when you are unsure,
To help with your conscience withstand & brave any storm
. . . Even when you've taken more than you can endure.

 I would take the sensitivity of any spring flower
To shower your dignity with the loving power,
To help swallow your pride and help bloom your inner beauty
While saving a defenseless cat stuck in a tree.

 But it will take the love & the strength of God
To help you face "The World's Most Thankless Job!"
Because not everyone understands what a cop is worth
Unsuspecting of your ability of how to protect & to serve

 If I could make the perfect cop . . .
Not for Nothing…I'd have to STOP
We have a Guardian Angel dressed in Blue
Because this perfect cop already exists... in YOU!

Dedicated to Dennis Colon and
ALL my Law Enforcement Family & Friends


Marigrace Iodice

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © February 19, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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