"Just One Person"     

~ IN Memory of ~
New York City Officers & Firefighters 
killed at the World Trade Center

I remember to the second, the time, when I received word
That my friend passed away, but KILLED was what I heard
I won't forget the pain that ripped my heart as I embraced his wife
All the tears, all the cries. for the loss of just one life

And right there were his kids, shocked and so afraid
The cost of just one life. was what their father had just paid
Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. to his house, they deployed
He was just one person but. so many lives were just destroyed

I was so amazed at the number of family and close friends
So many lives. that just one person's life transcends
Each lived through the horror of that never-ending day
Learning of his death, often. exactly the same way

Seeing all the pain caused by this one loss was really rough
But then reality hit. and that's when it got tough
See my friend was just one victim of the September 11th attack
Just one person who went to work... and never made it back

The numbers came in slow at first, then way beyond belief
Over 5000 dead or missing. can one imagine that much grief?
There's just one way to understand the measure of these crimes
See. Just one person died. but he died, 5000 times.


Marc A. Turner

Sergeant ~ Roxbury Twp. PD NJ

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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