"Mark Fisher ‘o Broken Hill"

New South Wales Police
New South Wales Police

Glossary of Terms:  "rah rah" = Rugby Union
"Redfern Academy" = the old Police Academy

First met Mark back in eighty three,
Starting out at the Redfern Academy,
Came from the South Coast not that far,
He didn't mind the game they call ‘rah rah',
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
Originally out of Nowra.

In Mark's old four wheel drive,
Radio up loud for all of us to jive,
A suit of blue we all sought to fit,
But we needed some filling out a bit,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
So we'd all give the Tavern a hit.

Then Mark got posted to the Hill,
‘n' in the west found true love until,
A place that he could stop and rest,
He married the town's girl the best,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
For life he truly had a zest.

A steady no nonsense sort of bloke,
Good n' gentle with all kind of folk,
Had a steady presence ‘n' calming air,
Backed up by a determined steely stare,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
A man to all true and fair.

In policing jargon it would be true,
that ol' Mark could ‘andle himself in a blue,
for when law and order were in for a fall,
The ‘super' would for Mark surely call,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
In danger he would always stand tall.

Like take the time so surreal,
An escaped lioness all so real,
With only a tranquillizer gun to aim,
He saved that outlaw lioness from blame,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
He never did like the fuss and fame.

A fellow of rare talent it's true,
Had a special knack with home brew,
A recipe so secret for ginger beer,
That won gold medals from far to near,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
Sure he's growing stouter by the year.

One day it would be a mate's wish,
To catch up with an ol' mate like ‘Fish'
Where the home brew is so heaped,
It'll cause both our old knees to creak,
Mark Fisher o' Broken Hill,
You'll find us fishing by the creek.


Bryan Michael Doyle

- The Suburban Bloke -

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 8 September 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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