Ventura County Sheriffs Deparment

Mounted Patrol

Senior Deputy Lisa Whitney - Mounted Officer
Senior Deputy Whitney and her Partner - Duke

Dedicated to Fallen Mounted Officer
Senior Deputy Lisa Whitney

Mounted up on May 26th, 1970
Dismounted on August 12th, 1998

Ventura County Sheriff's Department - Ventura, California

The Officer:

I am the top half of a mounted patrol team,
Working from horseback, a fulfillment of dreams.

My horse, my steed, just as in the days of old,
Together we ride, for together we're bold.

Every muscle I feel, as we both work as one,
For it's you underneath me, that makes this job fun.

Although there are days when you give me some attitude,
From you I will gather, all of my fortitude.

We enforce the laws and meet people, all of the day through,
And when we're greeted by others, the one they speak to is you!

You help a cop's image, in a positive way,
An Officer on horse back, we'll help save the day.

For our Maker, he gave you the strength from above,
Together we'll ride, together, in love."

Our ride for now is over, it's the close of the day,
You nicker so softly, as I bring you your hay.

The Mount:

I am the bottom half of this God fearing crew,
The love from my partner, will help see us through.

I was born to run wild, leave the danger that's near,
But the strength on my back, says I've nothing to fear.

I feel your hands and your legs, they help as you guide,
It's your strength that sustains me, when I could run and hide.

Your spurs sometimes tickle, you use them to nudge,
Sometimes I sure need them, because I won't budge.

The children, they see us, they squeal with delight,
An Officer on horseback, what a beautiful sight!

When I am on duty, I'm not allowed to eat,
But just look at that grass, it's just under my feet.

No one can describe it, this partnership and team,
We'll work as one forever, I'll feel you in my dreams.

The ride for now is over, the tack is recounted,
I'll rest till that time, we again will work mounted.


Phil West

Mounted Officer 

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

Senior Deputy Whitney was struck broadside in an un-marked patrol vehicle while on duty. The suspect had traveled through a controlled intersection during a power outage without regard to other traffic present. The individual who struck and killed Lisa was found guilty of Felony Vehicular Manslaughter while under the influence of methamphetamine (speed).

February 17, 2000 - Ms. Pittman received the maximum possible sentence, 8+5 = 13 years. The additional five years was an enhancement. She is now a 2 striker, she must do 85% of the time, and then 4 years of parole. She will be housed at Chowchilla State Prison.

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