"My Policewoman"

Philadelphia Police Department - 7th Police District

Dedicated to:
Officer Janie Hegarty
7th District Philadelphia Police Department

It's 3am and were in bed, as I look over to watch her sleep, "Oh how peaceful she looks". I reach on over to hold her tight, hoping the night would never come to an end.

Fast asleep were suddenly awoke, the alarm clock went off and startled us both. I watched her roll out of our bed, knowing she has a new day to start, hoping everything will turn out alright.

She slips out the bedroom and into the shower, I lay in bed praying to God "Please God take care of this wonderful woman and please make sure she comes home, for I would not know what I would do."

Moments later she reappears, as I watch her gallantly putting on her blues. Her badge is shining bright today, reminding her of the oath she took that day. Gun strapped on her side, reminding her and me who is not on our sides.

It's time for her to report to duty as she bends down, she tells me she loves me and gives me a kiss, she tells me she will see me later after her shift. I tell her to be safe and love her too, as she walks out the door, I find myself praying to the lord above

"Oh Lord, Please watch over the love of my life, help her through the bad and good, and Lord, I hope she knows just how much I love her."

As the day goes by I start to think of this woman in blue, thinking of just how unselfish this person is. This woman is willing to die, just to protect and serve the community she works.

The woman is just not an ordinary person if you haven't figured it out, she is my Policewoman who I love so dear.



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