"My Thoughts"     


Brooks County, Texas

and area

Law Enforcement Officers

We put you to the test,
never leaving you to rest
Not knowing if the calls we make,
will send you to
heavens gate

You live your life day to day,
keeping harms grasp away
You took an oath with the job you chose
To protect and serve those worth fighting for

To leave your friends and those you love
Is more than even you bargained for
And all the miles you put into it,
sometimes just don't cut it

The kind of life you lead,
that others just wont heed
To know there's pain and suffering,
and with you their comforting

There will always be inside,
hidden feelings locked with pride
With partners who look to you,
and citizens that fear you

Those that fear to show,
the love they have in store
With you on that highway,
everything goes you way

And wives that love you wide awake
Knowing with fear you'd die (for justice sake)
Though I don't always show it and god knows I never say it
Words that come out wrong, know my love is strong

Heed my words of praise,
thank you for you chase
Of all that is wrong and right,
my friendship is here all night

So when you on that highway,
a prayers going your way
And when you see no end in sight,
my thoughts are with you through the night

To keep you safe and warm,
down that long and winding road


E Abrego

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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