"No Guarantees"          

Whitehall (OH) Police Department IN MEMORIAM to
an Academy classmate,
brother & Friend:

Officer Terry McDowell

Officer Terry McDowell

It seemed an insult as the bitter air painted my face this eve, death’s signature had found it’s mark and the toll of mortality became increasingly obvious.

What had become of life’s desire to sustain, vanished before the dawn of what would be called a heroic day.

The pipes of honor call my name and welcome to Heaven’s door as I’m greeted at the altar of His majestic rule and grace.

For what has brought you to my house, it echoed through my soul; I stand before thee in humble state, my life was taken short.

My earthly body is no more I have taken on anew, I swore to all who witnessed oath, my life I surely give, to save the ones I did protect for this job I so held near.

Never did I think this day to loose my precious breath to the cowardice mind of evil thought, the assassin of my life.

No thought was ever given to the ones that are left behind, to grieve in torment for the endless days that follow in this wake.

For the child that has my eyes, my smile, forever from now on; always will he ask of me but he shall never personally know.

We fight this battle on uneven ground our hands are often tied. So I ask of you on this, a humble day for which you pay respect, In all you do remember this, in life there are no guarantees.

Brian K Druggan

Officer ~ Sunbury (OH) Police Department

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Copyright © September 7, 20001 - All Rights Reserved

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