"Only Talk"  

Dedicated to:
"The Negotiators"

Man with a gun, innocents at risk
Ending things safely, my little trick

No weapons I hold, I only talk
Keeping the light from going to dark

As SWAT men deploy, develop their plan
I set up, to talk with the man

Contact is made, he's scared, I can tell
I begin talking, to lead us out of this hell

SWAT's in position, the problem is mine
All I must do, is buy us some time

Talking with him, addressing his fears
A voice on the line, a person who hears

Come out without weapons, you won't be hurt
He does not believe me, his answer is curt

I stay on the line and chatter away
Hoping he’ll see, there'll be another day

He speaks of his pain, his life without meaning
How can I show him, a future still gleaming

We talk of his family, his wife and his child
This frightened young man, isn't ready to die

Let the hostages go, they've done you no harm
This started at dusk, now it's past dawn

We talked through the night, something I said
Somehow connected, he’s regaining his head

Let the others go, softly I plead
Praying it's only talk we will need

Cajoling and pleading, I ask for his faith
Hostages come out, now we can wait

Things are still tense, for he is still armed
Much more to say, to protect all from harm

We talk even more, his options and choices
Finally he breaks, my whole soul rejoices

No time to relax, I now realize
Directions are clear, no room for surprise

He comes out unarmed, so meek and so mild
This desperate young man, who once seemed so wild

The cameras are there, reporters they jump
Asking questions of SWAT, they shamelessly pump

As I walk by the group, one of them asks
"What job does he do?" Just as I pass

A grin frames my face, as I continue to walk
As a SWAT guy replies. "He only talks".



Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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