"September 11, 2001"    

"The Heroes of Ground Zero
Killed at the World Trade Center,
The Pentagon and Pennsylvania

"Can't Cry Hard Enough" - A Tribute to the Victims and Heroes

I went to work today, everything seemed just fine. We all sat in roll call, all brother and sisters in blue. Laughing and joking, like always, before we started our beat on New York's streets.

The day started off normal. A few accidents, a few disputes but nothing that wasn't routine to what I had grown used to seeing.

8:45 AM changed that, when a loud boom filled the morning sky. Before my radio even had a chance to go off, I saw the most horrific sight. The Trade Center was on fire and there was total chaos in the streets around.

Never fearing any danger, firemen and my coworkers began running to the scene. We assessed it very quickly and decided there was no choice but to go in.

We entered the building and began to help tons of people out. But it still didn't seem like we were doing enough, there were people running all around.

Soon more backup pulled up and they began to help us out get everyone out. I felt so helpless, there were so many people and so few of us.

I glanced at my watch, only 9 AM, and thought to myself "Boy, this is sure going to be one hell of a long day!" I looked around, as I helped an elderly women to her feet.

There are officers and firefighters everywhere, all with a common cause, to get these innocent people out. Right as I neared a flight of stairs another loud bang filled the air. Throwing me to the ground and sending debris flying into the air.

As I slowly came to, I saw my brothers and sisters and firemen all around. Everyone seemed ok, we had all seemed to have gotten out of harm's way.

At first I wondered how this could be at all possible but, before I could give it a second thought, St. Peter came up. He took me into his arms and showed me where me and my fellow heroes would finally rest in peace.


Joanne Sovin

I wrote this poem is in memory of all the law enforcement officers and firefighters of New York City who died helping save lives on 9-11-01. I apologize if it all doesn't rhyme, but I wrote it while I was still rather upset by the days events.

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © September 11, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

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