"The Eyes of a Man"  

If you ever can look into the eyes of a man dressed in blue,
It will make you wonder why he protects me and you.

He suffers from lack of sleep, the red eyes will tell,
Even missing a meal or two to keep us all well.

Years of tears sometimes built up inside,
From what he has seen, but thinks he hides.

Look a little deeper in his eyes and you could even see,
How he felt all the years he has protected you and me.

For all the times people have been rude to him,
For pulling them over, while out with their friends.

For the little girl he saved from a burning car,
While others just watched him from afar.

Not to mention, the bank robber he caught last week,
People never talk to him unless it’s his help they seek.

For the drugs he has confiscated over time,
The people, he has saved comes to his mind.

The times he wonders at the end of the day,
Is it worth all this pain, for such little pay?

But, don’t look unless you are willing to see,
He is a human being just like you and me.

He wears his uniform, gun and a badge on his chest,
Doesn’t make him perfect just a grade above the rest.

For if you look real hard you will also see,
A man who you respect is who he longs to be.

Author Unknown

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2001 - All Rights Reserved

While the author is known to PolicePoems.com you may use
this poem so  long as the author is  listed as "Author Unknown"

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