"The Fallen Heroes of New York City"   

"The Heroes of Ground Zero
Killed at the World Trade Center,
The Pentagon and Pennsylvania

"Can't Cry Hard Enough" - A Tribute to the Victims and Heroes

America owes a debt for the final sacrifice made today,
By the men and women in uniforms of brown, blue and gray.
Into the darkest hour, their shining light came bursting through,
With the courage and dedication, possessed only by a few.

They walked through the gates of hell, and did not blink an eye,
Although they knew that this may be, the day that they would die.
Upholding their sworn duty, to protect you and me,
The many brave and selfless heroes, that fell in NYC.

You were a part of our family, although we may have never met,
And those of us who walk the line, never will forget.
A nation mourned the tragic loss, so many of America's best,
The men and women who proudly wore, a badge upon their chest.

Amidst the evil tragedy, that shook our very land,
You showed us that together, united we will stand.
And for your deeds on this day, of September Eleven,
A special place is saved for you among the clouds in Heaven.

Our hearts are filled with sadness, as we must say farewell,
But know that we are proud of you - you served your country well.
Our humble thanks to every one who answered up to the call,
You'll take your place of honor upon our granite Wall.


Officer A. M. Brewer

Chesapeake, Virginia Police Department

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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