"The National Medal"

New South Wales Police
New South Wales Police

A batch of new recruits,
some ten and five years ago,
never thought of the Medal,
as they held their gazes low,
some ten and five years ago.

Only a handful of them left,
decimated by their years of service,
few have reached this milestone,
strange that it should come to this,
some ten and five years ago.

The craggy faces of my classmates,
deeply etched by the passing years,
eyes that have seen and witnessed,
things that you would drive you to tears,
some ten and five years ago.

Name by name they are called,
their career resumes read out,
Citing deeds of daring courage,
never shying from a violent shout,
some ten and five years ago.

But no mention of lonely shifts,
The cold and fear I start thinking,
of nightshifts that went so long,
eyes that went without blinking,
some ten and five years ago.

With fifteen striped ribbon,
The National Medal for Service,
bronze medallion simply inscribed,
with just two words...: "For Service".
Some ten and five years ago.

With a wistful smile I reflect,
that a simple statement coined,
could capture the desire of all,
the reason why we all joined,
some ten and five years ago.


Bryan Michael Doyle

- The Suburban Bloke -

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 7 August 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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