The Thin Gray Line "The Season"  

The Thin Gray Line

Do you hear the sound
            As the blades beat the air?
Do you look out your window,
            Or pretend like you don’t care?
Do you see the shadow move across the ground,
            Or do you just hear that heart pounding sound?
Do you hear that chopper coming?
            Then it won’t be long.
Do you know dope dealer?
            All your dope will be gone.

So work real hard to grow your weed,
            But when you come back don’t expect to find a seed.
I keep a sharp blade just to cut your grass,
            And if you plant more, I’ll just make another pass.
Do you know what your dope can do?
            I have seen what it does to you.
I know what your dope can do.
            I have watched children on it too.

For this, I will hunt you down,
            In the air and on the ground.
I will rappel down anywhere,
            Or hump through the woods, I don’t care.
Be afraid if I find you there.
            When the jury comes back only you will care.

I work marijuana erad,
            And I know all your hiding places.
I carry a badge, a knife, and a gun.
            And I have a thousand different faces.

A Kentucky State Trooper on Marijuana Eradication

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2001 - All Rights Reserved
he author is known to and the poem may
not be duplicated without
permission through

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