"We Expect Them To Be"

To all my friends and family in law
enforcement, just so you know I care

will be here for you to fall on, when
it's to much for you to carry this day

Itís falling all around them and still they carry on
Itís a fear I canít imagine that they walk through everyday
While we sit at home with family and take for granted all the rest
Its there job I hear the people say,
We expect from them nothing less
Then to keep us safe keep us free
Be the heroís we expect them to be

Itís not what I see those words those people say
Iíve seen the heart the courage that it takes
To protect this world from the coldness and dark
Could you run in when the rest are racing out
To save a life you havenít met
Would you make the sacrifice, your love, your kids your home, your wife?
To protect those who expect you to be there
When you know it may be the ultimate price

I think that badge they wear must get very heavy
When it carries all the burdens
The hatred and the sadness of this world that they see
How often do they hear the praise they deserve?
I am safe, I am free, and I have hope because of everything you do,
Thank God for the Heroís we expect them to be!!


K.A. Ayotte 

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © October 2, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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