"You Missed"    

"The Heroes of Ground Zero
Killed at the World Trade Center,
The Pentagon and Pennsylvania

"Can't Cry Hard Enough" - A Tribute to the Victims and Heroes

They high-jacked jets full of innocents,
And flew them through buildings made of stone and steel,
They think they hit America,
But didn't even bruise her heel,

On one of those jets the world saw America grow,
When brave Americans fought to their deaths,
To save those on the grounds below,
Angels have flown them to the Lord,

Where they were wrapped in our Fathers waiting arms,
In the Glory of God, their tears are dry,
And they will never again need to cry,
A place those evils will never know,

As Satan,
Has fooled them into the abyss below,
For those that think they have gotten away,
They will suffer the wrath of God come judgment day,

We will build new Jets and buildings made of steel and stone,
And will not utter a battered moan,
The evil should have known,
America isn't buildings or jets,

Something they can't understand,
America is the immortal spirit,
Given by God of the free in this land!

Please put up your flags and pray for our
 Country and those that have lost so much.

God Bless,


Ron Sanchez

Captain ~ Los Angeles Police Department

Written The week after September 11, 2001

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © September 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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